Los Tiki Phantoms

Saturday 23th September · 22 h · Sala Font del Ferro · Castell d’Aro · Free

The great volcano has erupted and that can only mean one thing: the Great God Tiki has summoned Los Tiki Phantoms once again. Are you ready?

After their album of covers, “Disco Guateque” (2019), issued on the Discmedi label in Europe and Hi-Tide in the United States, and having performed it on both continents, including at the well-known Tiki Oasis in San Diego, the most cadaverous and entertaining surfer quartet returns once again with their new release “Els Tiki Phantoms y el enigma del tiempo”, which is their most balanced and melodic album so far.

Their well-known tiki formula continues with no let up; a powerful rhythmic bass accompanied by guitars with maximum reverb and catchy melodies; but this time we also find different registers and textures that expand their musical spectrum

Three singles have been released from this album: “El Vampiro robot” where for the first time they have included voices sung by the robot himself; “Mar de Fuego”, in which they present the most classic Tiki Phantoms sound and a new hit that will surely remain in their concert repertoire; and “Olimpiada 92” with a beautiful adaptation of Cobi woven into a groovy, fresh and convincing bombshell.

The album has 15 new songs in 31 minutes, simple and concise, straight to the point, with the classic sound of the band although with a mature ambience, that of a band that has been on the road for almost 17 years.


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